Hammond Bay

If you ask any of the best Nanaimo real estate agents they will admit that Hammond Bay has some of the most scenic properties in the city. A lot of properties in the neighbourhood overlook Stephenson Point. Driving along the ocean you will find most of Nanaimo’s luxurious homes; the price tag for some of these properties is around $1 million. Most people make the mistake of grouping Hammond Bay with the north end; however, these are two separate and distinct neighbourhoods. Hammond Bay Road is the main route that connects the two neighborhoods and one of the reasons for this misconception. Hammond Bay is a bit quieter than the north end, but you are still just minutes away from schools and major shopping centers.

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Schools in the area:

Departure Bay Elementary – 3004 Departure Bay Road, (250) 758-6541

Dover Bay Secondary – 6135 McGirr Road, (250) 756-4595

École Hammond Bay Elementary – 1025 Morningside Drive, (250) 758-5711

Four Seasons Montessori – 4960 Hammond Bay Road, (250) 758-8979

Frank J. Ney Elementary – 5301 Williamson Road, (250) 729-8045

Rutherford Elementary – 5840 Hammond Bay Road, (250) 758-5331

Parks in the area:

Pipers Lagoon Park- This is one of the best Oceanside parks in Nanaimo. The lagoon is the size of three football fields. Pipers Lagoon has parking at one end of the lagoon and the small bank leads walkers between the lagoon and the surf. There are many viewpoints along the way that offer an overview of the lagoon and the outer coast. Onlookers can catch a sight of the fisherman’s cabins built in the 1930s on spectacular Shack Island at the end of the park.

Planta Park- Planta Park offer visitors a quiet retreat, great views and beach access. The small trail system provides an opportunity to get in a daily walk or jog while being shaded by the trees that grow naturally in this area. Sightseers can also expect to see some of Nanaimo’s wildlife when heading over to Planta Park.

Eagle Point- Eagle Point can be reached by people using several different trails that lead down to the same long stretch of beach. When the tide is out, Eagle Point has big, beautiful, sandy beaches that are populated with huge trees that are home to some of Nanaimo’s eagle population; hence the name Eagle Point.

Linley Valley- Linley Valley is a hidden gem in Nanaimo. An hour or two can be spent surveying the main trail or several hours can be spent exploring wetlands, streams, natural woodlands, and meadows and bluffs on the interlinking trails. Cottle Lake is tucked in the forest and is home to ducks, geese and Cutthroat trout.

Neck Point Park- Neck Point Park is located just north of Pipers Lagoon. Like Pipers Lagoon, Neck Point is full of stunning ocean and mountain views. Neck Point is also a “hotspot” among Nanaimo’s divers and divers from out of town. The top of the small cliffs are a popular lookout to spy the otters “torpedo-ing” in the shallows. Park benches and picnic tables make it more comfortable for visitors trying to catch a peek at the sea lions and orcas that have been known to pass by.

Rutherford Ridge- Rutherford Ridge appeals to all those interested in rock climbing or simply getting their heart rate up! The magnificent views of the city of Nanaimo and the views of the mountain make it worth trekking up the rocky terrain.