This neighbourhood is another unique community located just on the outskirts of Nanaimo. It is one of the most underdeveloped areas compared to the other areas in and around the city. Extension is also one of the largest communities in the area and has the most potential. Over the years it has been relatively untouched by development so you will find a lot of older homes; some dating back to the first and second world wars. In the early 1900s Extension was a busy mining community, but after the mines shut down it was basically abandoned. The south end of Nanaimo is accessible via Extension Road and all the amenities you need are only about a 10 minute drive away. This rural community provides good areas for hiking and lots of other outdoor activities.

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Schools in the area include:

Chase River Elementary School – 1503 Cranberry Avenue, (250) 754-6983

Cinnabar Valley Elementary – 1800 Richardson Road, (250) 716-1030

John Barsby Secondary – 550 7th Street, (250) 753-8211

Nanaimo District Secondary School – 355 Wakesiah, (250) 740-2000

Parks in the area:

Extension Ridge- Extension Ridge is also known as the “The Abyss” by many residents of Nanaimo. It’s an earthquake fissure that has had wooden jumps set up nearby by mountain bikers that don’t want to go too far for a fun experience. Even visitors that don’t enjoy mountain biking enjoy going to Extension Ridge to look at the petroglyphs that are also in the area.

Morden Colliery Park- Not to be confused with Colliery Dams Park, Morden Colliery Park is about 4 hectacres of Provincial Park with old coal mine workings on it. In 1912 there was a productive coal mine on the site and now it houses the only coal tipple remaining on Vancouver Island.

Nanaimo River- The Nanaimo River is a popular spot when the weather warms up and the kids are out of school. Nanaimo residents enjoy the cool and clean water, but are very aware of the dangers of a natural river and are urged to use extreme caution.