Although Cedar is mostly rural, there is a good mix of different properties in the neighbourhood. There is a lot of space in the area; however, it is about 10 kilometres away from downtown Nanaimo. The neighbourhood is not completely isolated, though; there are schools in the area making it perfect for young families who want a quiet lifestyle. For people interested in more luxurious homes, look no further than the amazing homes along the coast around Yellow Point. Another area that could be interesting for potential home owners is near the picturesque village of Cedar-By-The-Sea. This is farther away from Nanaimo’s downtown, but the area is well known for its appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. Talk of a new development as well as the creation of a golf course fills the Cedar area with exciting investment opportunities.

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Schools in & near the area:

Cedar Community Secondary – 1640 MacMillan Road, (250) 722-2414

John Barsby Secondary – 550 7th Street, (250) 753-8211

Ladysmith Primary – Box 910, 510 Sixth Avenue, (250) 245-3912

Ladysmith Intermediate – Box 849, 317 French Street, (250) 245-3351

Ladysmith Secondary – Box 190, 710 Sixth Avenue, (250) 245-3043

North Cedar Intermediate – 2215 Gould Road, (250) 722-2722

North Oyster Elementary – 13470 Cedar Road, Ladysmith (250) 245-3330

Woobank Elementary  – 1984 Woobank Road, (250) 722-3644

Parks in the area include:

Cable Bay Trail – Cable Bay Trail winds its way down to the oceanfront overlooking Gabriola Island and back towards the Nanaimo harbour. The forested trail is just under 2 km long and is one of Nanaimo’s designated dog off-leash parks. The trail is steep in sections, but the views waiting at the bottom make the effort worthwhile! Parking is found at the end of Nicola Road.

Hemer Provincial Park – Located on Holden Lake south of Nanaimo, this forested park is popular with local residents, who mainly come here to explore the extensive trail system. The marsh area at Hemer Provincial Park is also a favourite destination for bird watchers and ornithologists. A viewing platform over the marsh, approximately 1 km from the parking lot, provides the opportunity to observe various types of ducks, Trumpeter swans, Bald eagles and turkey vultures, as well as beavers. Approximately 11 kilometres of easy walking trails weave through the park along Holden Lake and through the marsh areas. The trails are forested, primarily with mature coastal Douglas fir, red alder and big-leaf maple. Trails are not marked but are easily identifiable and well maintained. Hemer Park provides day-use opportunities at Holden Lake, a peaceful setting for paddlers, boaters and anglers.

Jack Point & Biggs Park – The park’s trail provides access to pristine beaches with excellent views of the Nanaimo River estuary, dowtown Nanaimo, Protection Island and Gabriola Island. Popular for wildlife viewing; bald eagles, sea-lions, seals and even harbour porpoises can be seen from the park. Jack Point is an amazing location to watch the sunset. Most of the 32 acre park is natural and undeveloped with a trail leading from Biggs Park to Jack Point. The trail is mostly chips but there are some stairs and boardwalks over the bluffs. The loop from the parking lot to the tip of Jack point is 2.5 km. This parcel of parkland runs parallel to the Duke Point ferry highway connector.