Diver Lake

Diver Lake is one of the central neighbourhoods in Nanaimo, which means that all of Nanaimo’s amenities in the north end (schools, shopping, etc.) and south end (countless cultural areas) are relatively close. The two major highways in the city, the Nanaimo Parkway and Island Highway, run through the entire neighbourhood so transportation around the city is quite easy. Although rich in history, this area’s houses are priced reasonably and are relatively young making it ideal for new homeowners. The neighbourhood is named after the small lake located in the northern part of the area. The Diver Lake area is relatively quiet and great for family living.

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Schools in the area include:

Coal Tyee Elementary – 2280 Sun Valley Drive, (250) 729-0450

Wellington Secondary – 3135 Mexicana Road, (250) 758-9191

Parks in the area include:

Ammonite Falls- These beautiful falls are hidden among trees and canyons buried at the bottom of Mount Benson. Enjoy a semi-intense hike through the forested area to discover 3 significant waterfalls. The falls were named for the fossils found there thought to be ammonites, snail-like creatures from the Paleozoic and Mesozoic era.

Camcrest Park- Camcrest Park is a very family oriented park in a predominantly natural setting. The playground is the main feature here consisting of a climbing structure, slides, monkey bars and swings with benches to the side to sit and watch the kids play.

Diver Lake- This Lake is located between the Country Club Mall and North Town Centre on the left. It is home to beautiful wooden pathway, a playground and an area with jumps for bike riders. It’s a great place for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy bird watching. Pack a picnic and enjoy as the kids play and the wind breezes by.

Long Lake- One of the busiest swimming “holes” in Nanaimo on a hot summer day is Long Lake. The size of this lake is easily underestimated, but rowers, swimmers and boaters realize just how big it is once they hop in and move around it. The houses on the rocky ridge bordering Long Lake are desirable homes to live in with an abundant amount of sunlight and some private docks.

Rutherford Ridge- Rutherford Ridge appeals to all those interested in rock climbing or simply getting their heart rate up! The magnificent views of the city of Nanaimo and the views of the mountain make it worth trekking up the rocky terrain.